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CSA and Use Up The Wilting Veggies From The CSA Box Stir Fry

So, I joined a CSA this summer.  For those not in the know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, the idea being that small farms need money at the beginning of the year when things need planting and growing and weeding and whatnot, but that's when farms don't have any money coming in, and then they go thru all the uncertainty of the growing season...rain and bugs and heat and whatnot, and then hope they sell enough produce and the right produce to make back their investment and keep the farm afloat.  With a CSA share, I buy all my produce in advance, and they are guaranteed their income no matter what the uncertainty of farming throws their way, and I get a box of picked just hours ago perfectly in season organic local produce every week for months. I like that it ties the fate of my diet to the local environment...if it's a weird year and collards are all what grows..if blueberries are late but prolific...I feel more connected and aware of how our weather and climate affect things. Secondly, it's a bit like a loot crate for food...never know what weird vegetable is going to be in the box! This week it was kohlrabi, I haven't figure out what to do with it quite yet.  I also have a head of cabbage. The owner of the Irish restaurant next to my comic bookstore recommended a meal with potatoes and ham and garlic and it sounds soooo good. I pick up my box on Wednesday, Tuesday has become Use Up The Wilting Veggies From The CSA Box Stir Fry Night.  Here is my very specific recipe for:

Use Up The Wilting Veggies From The CSA Box Stir Fry

Wilted Chard (if available)

Wilted Bok Choy (if available)

Several Day Old Broccoli (if available)

Wilted Kale (if available)

Garlic Scapes (if available)

Slightly Dry Random Mushrooms (if available)

Floppy Carrots (if available)

Floppy Baby Celery (if available)

Other Random Vegetables that might turn into compost in a few days.. (if available)

Heat oil in a big frying pan or wok. Add chopped veggies in order of hardness (carrots first, mushrooms last). Saute until things are bright colorful and warm.

Tasty brown sauce:  soy or tamari sauce, sugar, chili, garlic (or chili garlic sauce), sesame oil. Mix and match until it tastes pretty darn good.  Turn off the stove and toss in the sauce.

Brown a protein.  I am a fan of browned tofu: press all the water out of the tofu ( i do this by placing the tofu brick between two plates, then setting a heavy object on the top plate and leaving for an hour or two), cube the tofu, and brown on all sides in oil.  Also works well with those fake chicken Quorn fillets. Carnivores, do your thing. 

Serve stir fry on top of brown rice with protein on the side.  Pat yourself on the back for being amazingly healthy and using up a bunch of vegetables before they go to waste. 

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