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On Prisms and People

I'm not sure how Prisms Gallery got the name, but I imagine it might go something like this: People are like prisms, rather ordinary and unremarkable until somebody shines a light on them, and then, you see the rainbow.  

I volunteer a lot of time at the non-profit Prisms Gallery, run by Partnerships in Community Living. PCL provides support to people with disabilities, and the gallery provides a safe supportive space for all members of the community to come make art. In the year or so since fate led me into that creative space, I have seen it expand and grow and bring together artists of all ages and abilities and become the nexus of art making in downtown Salem.  In my time there, I have found motivation to make my own art, to reach out and teach others, to include my kids in my community endeavors; I have become more patient and educated and understanding of a group in my community that, to my shame, has previously made me feel uncomfortable. 

On the first Wednesday of the month, Prisms hosts a movie with descriptive audio for the visually impaired. Every Wednesday from 4-6 we have a guided art making workshop, free and open to the community. Prisms is volunteer run and donation supported, so, really, Prisms needs the community as much as the community needs Prisms. The gallery is open to the public during the week, as a space to just come and make whatever you want with the abundance of crafting supplies available. If art collecting is your thing, not art making, then visit the gallery half of the space, where you will find art as exceptionally unique as the artists who make it, and you know your money is going to a good place. 

Prisms Gallery is located in the Reed Underground, next door to Parallel Worlds and under the Little Canolli Place, that makes the best macaroons...whoops, getting off target. Website is: To learn more about PCL and support their mission, visit 

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